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The Institute for Professional Tattooing

Who We Are

You are looking at the work of one of the finest tattoo studios in India. We are creative team of tattoo artists, illustrators, painter and digital artists.We are rated as the most creative and best tattoo artist in India. We are known for jaw-dropping realistic and hyper-realistic tattoos. Take a look at our portfolio and mind your jaw-drop, it might happen :)

When you desire to get a tattoo, you undergo a long process of visualization and when that is realized it’s a joy that knows no bounds. We always strive to bring that one impeccable smile on client’s face, which speaks of their satisfaction. And our that’s in our motto at Skinbuzz.

We at Skinbuzz offer customization of designs, you can always walk in with any concept and we would confidently shape it into reality.

We at our tattoo studio make our best efforts to become Best Tattoo studio, and Best Tattoo shop in Bikaner. Our Founder & our tattoo artist team together make quality efforts to make sure our clients gets the best service from us. We keep on updating ourselves with new tattoo trends all over the world.

Why Choose Us

Respect for the Clients

We take pride in our artists and the experience that they have acquired throughout their careers. While we have built up an excellent list of clients, we always continue to make time for walk-ins and treat every customer with respect.

Educating Our Clients

For tattoos, we work with our clients to develop their idea and inform them of design choices (size issues/concerns, technical alteration to an original design, etc) that may affect their design. Our goal is to give you a tattoo that will stay looking clean and sharp.

Permanent Tattoos

A permanent tattoo is a process – where ink is injected into the superficial layer of the skin to create something that stays lifelong with you.

Once you've chosen your design and talked with the artist, he or she will typically make a ditto or an outline for your skin, unless the person is free handing the design. The artist will then prepare the inks and equipment for your design. When everything is ready, he or she will lead you to a chair or the artist's station, put on fresh gloves, and prepare your skin.

The area will need to be cleaned and sterilized. If the area is hairy, it may need to be shaved. When the skin is ready, the tattooist will place an outline of the picture on your skin. This is usually done using special papers and inks that work sort of like temporary tattoos. You'll have the chance to approve the placement of the design before any permanent work is done.

Tattoo Training

Skinbuzz offers tutoring services to students who want to take up tattooing as a profession at reasonable rates.

For those who want learn tattoo art and make career in tattooing, can join our institute to become a successful tattoo artist.

Skinbuzz is one of the best tattoo training studio/parlor in Bikaner, India. At our studio, we provide comprehensive tattoo training programs that covers all aspects of tattooing, starting from basic sketching courses to making you accomplished tattoo artist.

We have trained students from almost all the major parts of the country and even students from Europe and United States have shown great faith in the teaching methods of Skinbuzz.


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We are creative team of tattoo artists, illustrators, painter and digital artists.We are rated as the most creative and best tattoo artist in India.